YOLO Medical Inc. Referral Program

YOLO is proud of the relationships and partnerships it has built with all its existing clients. With hundreds of clinics globally experiencing success through YOLO products and services we wanted to officially recognize their contribution in this vast and ever expanding market.

Through YOLO's Referral Program, clients now have the opportunity to share YOLO's products and services to all within their professional network. Should one of these referrals culminate into a sale than as a token of YOLO's appreciation you may choose one of the referral rewards listed below, as a thank you. In addition, we leave it up to your discretion to let us know if you would like us to keep your referral anonymous.

Simply use the form below to submit your referral, or contact Lorenzo directly at 1-877-738-8119.

Clients will be invited to choose from one of the following:

YOLO Medical lipo laser referral choice 1

YOLO Vibe Whole Body Vibration WBV


Shipping and handling not included
YOLO Medical lipo laser referral choice 2

YOLO Elements Detox Supplements

for 1 year

6 bottles per month for 12 month period.
YOLO Medical lipo laser referral choice 3

Lipo Laser Cash Back

$1,500.00 Cash

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Send us the name and either an email or phone number of your referral - whatever you’re comfortable with - and we’ll take it from there.

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