Introducing Isagenix Healthcare Solutions

Thousands of healthcare professionals are turning to Isagenix every day to not only provide a wellness solution for their patients, but also to take care of the rising overhead costs of their practices and free them from the long, stressful hours in the office. YOLO Medical and Isagenix have teamed to offer healthcare providers the formula for greater health and wealth, while changing even more lives; the Healthcare Professionals Program.

Healthcare Professionals Program

The Healthcare Professional Program is a unique opportunity for clinics to offer a comprehensive wellness solution (an entire catalogue of products at their fingertips), improve patient outcomes, and benefit from profit margins of 80-100% without the need for on-going inventory purchases.

The Healthcare Professionals Program is a turn key solution that offers the systems, the training, the marketing and the support infrastructure tailored to a clinical setting. Call 1-877-738-8119 and learn how your medical or aesthetic clinic can generate $65,000 from just 1 sale a day.


Weightloss and Fat Burning System

Get lean and lose weight! High-quality ingredients in dosages backed by science provide a weightloss and fat burning solution to boost your confidence and help ignite weight loss. Achieve—and maintain—lasting weight-loss results. You’ll also notice significant savings on your grocery bill as you replace unhealthy cravings with premium nutrition that:

  • · Builds and maintains lean muscle
  • · Increases metabolism for safe and effective weight loss
  • · Gently rids the body of impurities while increasing energy levels


Athletes & Performance System

The perfect boost to charge your lifestyle. This pak is perfect for active people who want to build leaner physiques and enhance their performance and recovery. The Athletes & Performance System offers a mix of nutrients, energy boosters and high-quality protein for muscle growth and recovery while helping you achieve a tighter, leaner physique, while experiencing optimal performance.

Isagenix Eenergy and Performance systems offer products that work, and work well.


Healthy Aging & Telemere Support System

Experience life without limits! Infuse your body with the nutrition and care it needs to promote overall health. The Healthy Aging and Telomere Support System contains all of Isagenix's advanced products including Product B™ - Product B is a revolutionary blend of complex botanicals and minerals uniquely designed to offer the best telomere-supporting product on the market. Experience increased energy, improved fitness and a general feeling of youthfulness and vigor.

The Healthy Aging & Telemere Support System is specifically designed to combat the root mechanisms of aging using a smart, flexible, long-term program. This system helps you enjoy higher energy, lean body mass, youthful aging and an overall healthier lifestyle.


Becoming a Healthcare Professional Retailer

Taking advantage of the Healthcare Professionals Program through YOLO Medical Inc. has never been easier. A simple phone call to our office can get your clinic started on a completely new opportunity while being supported by a one of North America's leading clinical service providers.

Let us show you how MD's, DC's, Estheticians, medical and aesthetic clinics have been able to re-monetize their bsuiness, offer additional services and support, and even reduce clinic overhead while generating thousands monthly. Call 1-877-738-8119 today to learn more.