YOLO Elements

YOLO Elements is a comprehensive suite of products and services that offer a truly multi-phased approach to weight management and overall wellness.

Imagine a health solution so revolutionary it is tailored to an individual's genetic predisposition and nutritional profile. Imagine a wellness program so innovative, it is supported by laser technology that specifically targets an individual's problem areas. Imagine a customized experience - based on science, and made for results. At YOLO we're passionate about creating change in people's lives. By combining the latest innovations in technology with on-going lifestyle and nutrition coaching, YOLO’s comprehensive wellness program provides real solutions and real results. YOLO Elements complete suite of products and services offer an opportunity like nothing currently on the market. YOLO Elements allows spas and clinics the opportunity to offer a truly revolutionary approach to weight management and aesthetic body contouring. Spa and clinic owners can not only grow their business and increase their revenue stream, but can also offer their clients a health and wellness solution that focuses on losing inches, reducing fat, and improving their overall lifestyle.

Genetic Profiling

YOLO Elements Genetic Profiling incorporates the latest in genetic testing. We assess each individual's genetic profile, including the genes known to be significant modifiers of body weight and responsiveness to diet and exercise. This genetic profiling removes the guesswork from diet and exercise planning by revealing your individualized dietary and exercise fingerprint. YOLO genetic testing provides the keys that unlock the secrets to the long-term results you’ve always been looking for. Call 1-877-738-8119 to learn more.


Precision Body Composition Analysis

The calculation of body composition has come a long way since the fat caliper test in your high school gym class! YOLO Elements Precision Body Composition Analysis technology allows clinicians to analyze their clients' bioelectrical impedance. This provides exceptionally accurate body composition statistics, including lean body mass, body fat mass, basal metabolic rate and much more. Periodic assessments are an integral part of any weight management program to ensure the client continues to move in the right direction, building lean muscle mass while reducing fat. Call 1-877-738-8119 to learn more.


Innovative Laser Technology

Once YOLO perfected their laser platform and refined its state-of-the-art engineering, it was clear they had something truly distinctive. No other laser on the market has undergone such rigorous testing and engineering. YOLO Curve treatments have been expertly designed to clinicians the unique ability to target problem areas and to see inch-loss results unparalleled by any competing laser device.


Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration therapy has been used for decades to aid athletes with training and recovery, as a means to help improve circulation and blood flow, and as an effective tool to gain strength and flexibility. YOLO Elements' YOLO Vibe offers whole body vibration platform as an adjunct therapy to laser therapy sessions to improve circulation, aid in lymphatic drainage and activate muscle fibers. The YOLO Vibe optimizes inch-loss results and is a vital addition to any weight management program.