YOLO Medical Inc.'s Global Patent Protection

YOLO relies on a combination of patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret laws and non-disclosure and assignment agreements to protect our intellectual property rights. YOLO has intellectual property rights in our current low-level laser system. YOLO has nine US and/or Canadian patents. Our patents provide us with intellectual property protection related to the area of low-level laser application through both diode or LED technology for the purpose of adipose resolve for the application of weight loss, body contouring and spot fat reduction. Our patents also protect YOLO with new advancements in the areas of diode and LED technology.

YOLO intends to file for additional patents to strengthen its intellectual property rights and bolster the current technology through design and technological advancements.

YOLO Medical Inc. Copyrights & Trademarks

YOLO owns numerous copyrights and trade rights for our products, product training and copyright images. YOLO currently has over 37 trade names and marks that are filed in the business of manufacturing and marketing aesthetic and medical lasers. YOLO has exclusively secured all company marks and names globally for its proprietary use and granted-use by its clinics and customers.