The YOLO Difference

"Throughout my professional career, I’ve wanted to be part of something bigger; something that would effect positive change in ourselves and in others. Our world today is frantic, challenging, amazing and intense; at times it is completely overwhelming. At the end of the day, the remaining true element in our lives is our health. If we can help people improve their health, then we are truly making a difference in people’s lives.

At YOLO Medical Inc., we combine an unmitigated focus on health and wellness with new and innovative technologies to provide platforms that have the power to change lives. Each and every day we have the great fortune of working with physicians and clinicians who use our leading-edge technologies as the gateway to improving people’s health, wellness, and outlook on life. It is a blessing for which we are truly thankful."

Robert J. Krznaric
President & CEO

The YOLO Solution

YOLO offers every tool and resource our clients and partners need to succeed in their endeavors. The “Wheel of Success” can be your A-to-Z roadmap to success, or your à la carte menu of results-oriented options. The Yolo Solution will help your business thrive each step of the way.

The YOLO Solution Wheel of Success

YOLO Research

YOLO Research provides scientific and strategic support for all YOLO technologies. As research and development costs continue to climb, YOLO understands the importance of finding innovative ways to manage and validate products. That’s why YOLO delivers "Validation Studies" that include abstracts, peer reviewed original research papers, study and data reports, and scientific papers as a systematic approach to product validation. Utilizing an outstanding team of medical writers, our objective is to promote excellence in the communication of scientific data. YOLO’s clinical research team is committed to establishing every phase of research through sound scientific results.

YOLO Research provides a unique solution for all its products, from the initial concept development and design phase through business plan development, to testing and clinical validation, through regulatory affairs to manufacturing; from domestic and overseas sales and distribution to marketing and customer support of its products.

YOLO Manufacturing

YOLO’s exceptional team of research and development and design specialists transcends the ordinary to create elite medical products. Industry leading product development and design are the core strengths of YOLO manufacturing. From product and technology development to proof of concept prototyping and design, all the way to quality manufacturing, compliance and documentation, YOLO ensures unparalleled excellence. YOLO provides the leadership and experience to guarantee unsurpassed superiority in product development, with a focus on innovation and emergent technologies.

The YOLO Sales & Distribution System

YOLO recognizes the need to not only supply industry-leading technology, but also provide comprehensive education, service and support. The YOLO Sales & Distribution System is a strategic plan for domestic and global sales and distribution of medical equipment. YOLO has a complete network of Independent Certified Trained Sales Specialists throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Latin America and Europe. This ensures global sales coverage while further enabling the service and support of current technology owners and distributors.

The YOLO Marketing Machine

YOLO is committed to providing comprehensive marketing tools to our customers. From brand positioning to traditional print and web development services, to edgy, aggressive marketing tactics, YOLO can help clinics define their specific market and build their clientele within the competitive health and wellness industry. The YOLO Marketing Machine is designed to help new clinics launch their businesses, then build their success by ensuring consistent exposure and traffic.

For Start-ups: YOLO's design and marketing team provides start-up strategy, content development, graphic design, and technical development. YOLO works with each client individually to create core brand development, print marketing and comprehensive web design, using each piece in tandem to deliver a seamless and highly effective offering.

Ongoing Support: YOLO offers a variety of ongoing print and online solutions for clients. By opting in to the YOLO Marketing Machine, clients have access to print mailer templates, posters, e-blast templates and more, all customizable for each client’s unique business. READ MORE ON MARKETING SOLUTIONS

YOLO Leasing & Financing

YOLO Leasing offers our clients creative financial solutions in our tough economic environment so that clients can not only grow their businesses, but prosper as well. YOLO Leasing provides in-house financing solutions as well as numerous outside qualified and approved financial vendors. In this way, we can ensure that we meet our clients’ wide variety of financing needs while also securing one of the highest approval rates in the industry.

YOLO Service & Support

YOLO prides itself on providing the ultimate in customer care and support programs. From initial product inquiry to post-purchase support, YOLO’s support network provides ultimate peace of mind. Our medical advisory team is always available for technical support, and our certified corporate trainers come direct to your facility to provide hands-on equipment training to your staff. Our post-purchase support programs are second-to-none, including everything from marketing support to warranty and servicing programs to ensure as little downtime as possible in your clinic. With each new clinic, we create a strategic partnership to help ensure your success. Ultimately, your success is our success – and we will do everything in our power to help you succeed.